Radio Streams for the Poly Community Worldwide.

Nesian Radio connects you back to your roots with music that you grew up with. Streaming Non-Stop Music. 24/7. Worldwide.

100+ listeners tuned in  |  Streaming 24/7 Worldwide.

“They play the best Island Jams hands down”

Fa’amanuia Uelese (Carson, USA)

Nesian Radio consists of 5 stations streaming live to Polynesians around the world 24/7. Over 3,000 tracks & mixes playing daily

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685 To The World

90s Throwback Radio

90s Slow Jams Radio

R&B Rewind Radio

Way Back Waiatas

685 To The World Radio

Get ready to embark on a musical journey that bridges continents and hearts! Dive into the vibrant world of Samoan music that connects Polynesian communities worldwide. From timeless classics by old-school legends to the freshest beats from the new generation, this station is your ticket to nostalgia and unity. Tune in, feel the rhythms of your homeland, and let the melodies paint memories that span across oceans. 

“Living in Crete, Greece, I always crave a sense of home. Listening to 685 radio gives me that fulfillment as if I was back in NZ”

Tala Aumavae (Crete, Greece)

R&B Rewind Radio

Rewind to the golden era of the ’90s when R&B was more than just music – it was a culture. Immerse yourself in the soulful grooves and heart-melting lyrics that defined a generation. Remember those cassette tapes. DJ mixes, and the thrill of discovering the latest jams? Join us as we transport you back to a time when R&B ruled the airwaves and high-speed dubbing as an art form. It’s time to revive the era where every beat had a story to tell.

“Takes me back to the tape days when we had to have the latest music and borrowed walkmans off our friends”

Fa’afetai Tuiasosopo (London, UK)

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Slow Jams Radio

Unwind and set the mood with Slow Jams Radio, where we take you on a sultry journey through the smoothest R&B ballads of the ’90s. Feel the passion and emotion as the artists croon their way into your hearts. From candlelit evenings to late-night drives, these slow jams were the soundtrack of romance. So grab your headphones and let the timeless tunes serenade your soul.

“90s was the best era to live in. Boyz to Men, Riff, Tevin Campbell, Jodeci, Babyface, Blackstreet”

Tala Aumavae (Dubai, UAE)

Way Back Waiatas Radio

Step into the vibrant world of Way Back Waiatas, where the beats take you back to the legendary garage parties of yesteryears. The echoes of music that brought generations together, where parents, aunties and uncles partied to the rhythm of unforgettable melodies. Join us in celebrating the music that shaped memories and created bonds that time can’t erase. Let’s dance down memory lane together!

“I remember these jams during our garage parties, with the Lion Red and the gat at the end of the night”

Moana Malosi (Anchorage, Alaska)

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Sharing and showing your appreciation and support means the world to us! #685radio

90s Throwback Radio

Step back in time with 90s Throwback Radio! We’re your ultimate destination for a sonic journey to the early 90s, where R&B hits ruled the airwaves. Immerse yourself in the smooth and soulful melodies that defined a generation. From Boyz II Men to TLC, we’ve got the classics that will transport you to the heart of the 90s. Tune in and let the nostalgia wash over you, as we rewind the clock and bring back the R&B magic, exclusively on 90s Throwback Radio!

“These songs brings back so many memories from my teen days, hanging out at the bus stop after school”

Manuia Falealii (Auckland, NZ)

“No matter where you are in the world, music connects you back to home. 685 Radio has a good mix of Island classics, new jams from the usos and banger ’90s that we all had on cassette tapes”

DJ Damage (Founder of 685 Radio)

100+ listeners Worldwide, including UK, USA, Paris, Germany, Dubai, NZ, Australia, Japan, Greece and more

This is a community based initiative. All music and mixtapes are the work of artists and DJs.